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    Over the coming years Ismail worked with a number of remittance businesses as well as international policy makers.

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    And because we understand the importance of staying connected, Nimble enables people to send mobile airtime top-ups.

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    Millions of us now rely on Mobile Money services instead of bank accounts, so we offer transfers directly to them.

What people say about us

Provide a great job, the only hard part about it was the hours. The work wasn't that bad at all. The management was great, I loved my supervisor.

Narayan Miller

Provide Great flour mill with great people to work with smart productive and happy people working for a common goal of improving company goals and helping the community.

Naveen Chemist

Provide respectable place to work. Working in mills although short was a great stepping stone to further myself in my future.

Ravinder Fitter

Provide strong company with tremendous talent that is struggling to drive growth and profits. They are slow to respond to market changes.

Krishna Head Miller
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